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Micro VGA: Cost-effective Microcontroller VGA Interface


MicroVGA is low-cost Microcontroller to VGA interface providing 80x25 16 color text mode (physical resolution is 800x600 at 60 Hz). This makes MicroVGA an ideal solution for user interface in embedded applications.


Now with Arduino support!
Reference design - ARM7 kit - will be available soon.


Provides 80x25 color text mode (character) which is output rendered in standard SVGA 800x600@60Hz resolution

Easy to use

Very easy to use: works the same way as standard ANSI (or VT100) terminal

Easy connection to almost every microcontroller using only 2 wires (minimum, 4 recommended)

Free multi-platform text user interface library written in C is available here.

Host microcontroller requirements are really undemanding! All you need is UART, few kilobytes of code memory and at least 10 MIPS of computing power.

Three-in-one module

MicroVGA is not just microcontroller-to-VGA interface.

In addition to VGA output, MicroVGA can also display on your television (both American NTSC and European PAL systems are supported)

MicroVGA also provides PS/2 keyboard input.

It also provides secondary UART for single-UART MCUs, optional user I/O and a clock signal to minimize additional logic

Industry standards

MicroVGA uses industry standards wherever possible:

  • SVGA 800x600 @60 Hz video mode
  • PAL Television output
  • NTSC Television output
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • VT100 & ANSI compatible control codes
  • RS-232 compatible UART interface
  • Microcontroller interface is JEDEC TTL/LVTTL/CMOS 3.3V compatible!
  • MicroVGA-conio library is compatible with DOS/Win32 conio.h

Complete TUI module

With our text user interface conio library you can develop feature-rich embedded user interface even on 8 bit microcontrollers. The library occupies as low as 1-2kB of code.

Watch video on right hand side for a demo showing application using conio library.

Competitive price

It is much cheaper to use MicroVGA instead of display modules and buttons or keyboards. On top of that it is more powerful!

You will get free multi-platform text user interface library.

Green product

MicroVGA saves a lot of energy. Unlike traditional graphics cards it only requires 150mA!

MicroVGA is produced using RoHS technology and contains no hazardous substances.

No animals were harmed during product development and testing ;-)

See Micro VGA images and documentation.


MicroVGA is low-cost Microcontroller to VGA interface providing 80x25 16 color text mode (physical resolution is 800x600 at 60 Hz). MicroVGA is connected to a MCU via 2 or 4 wire RS-232 TTL or LVCMOS compatible interface. Display is controlled using ANSI Terminal codes (such as cursor movement, colors, etc).

In addition to VGA output, the interface also provides NTSC/PAL signal output for television viewing and PS/2 keyboard input. This makes MicroVGA the ideal solution for user interface in embedded applications.

Please feel free to request any further information using our contact form or check our Frequently Asked Questions, MicroVGA images gallery and documentation page (datasheet).

Check here to see how µVGA output looks on a LCD, CRT monitor, or a television!


MicroVGA can be connected to any MCU with UART, such as Microchip PIC (including PICmicro, PIC16 and dsPIC33), Atmel ATmega, 8051, ARM, MIPS, or even PowerPC. With some extra effort it is also possible to use "dumb" MCUs such as PIC 16F84 with MicroVGA! Now with Arduino support!

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