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MicroVGA Arduino support

Arduino support

MicroVGA-TEXT module supports Arduino since firmware version 0.5. Free Arduino MicroVGA library is available for download (tested with Arduino version 0017).

The MicroVGA communicates with the Arduino in SPI mode, which means that you can use serial port for other purposes (bootloader,etc).

Arduino hardware connection

Connect MicroVGA-TEXT to you Arduino as follows:
MicroVGA-TEXT pinSymbolArduino connection
1 GNDArduino GND
2 +5VArduino 5V
3 +3V3 output NOT CONNECTED
4 CS#Arduino Digital 8
5 SCKArduino Digital 13
6 RDY#Arduino Digital 9
7 MISOArduino Digital 12
8 MOSIArduino Digital 11
Important notice: You must select SPI communication mode in MicroVGA setup (short-circuit "SEUP pad" with power applied) and turn off and back on power supply.

Troubleshooting connection

In case of any problems with the library or MicroVGA module you might find these debug sketches useful:

Library download