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The KIT91SAM7S-MicroVGA is a low-cost ARM7 development kit for use with the MicroVGA-TEXT. It is recommended for everyone who is starting with the MicroVGA. The board comes pre-loaded with firmware and can be programmed using free tools (GNU CC for ARM7 and Atmel SAM-BA), no additional programmers/interfaces are required. Demo source code is available for free, which means that you can start evaluating the MicroVGA immediately, without having to hassle with microcontroller setup or communication issues. Furthermore, the board contains powerful ARM7 MCU (AT91SAM7S256) providing 60MIPS computing power and a lot of useful peripherals.

The board can be used in standalone mode, without the MicroVGA. However, the real fun is with the MicroVGA connected!



Not available at the moment.



Not available at the moment.


The KIT91SAM7-MicroVGA will be available for ordering in October 2009 for approximately $29. Use this contact form to pre-order or get notified when board becomes available.